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We provide services of lease of commercial space for retail, service and office activities, and advertising space within the railway stations in Cracow and Nowy Sącz that we manage.


We have premises for catering, retail and office activities.

We offer:

- Variety of sizes,
- premises in the vicinity of departure points and cash desks,
- in selected premises, the possibility of conducting business activity 24H,
- 24-hour monitoring and security of the station building,
- constant flow of clients,
- possibility of outdoor advertising of the business.

For more details, please contact:

Anna Kustoś



We offer advertising spaces that ensure wide reach while keeping the cost of reaching a single recipient low. In addition, we will be happy to help you plan an effective advertising campaign, offering our support in the choice of media and number of locations.

We offer printing and installation of advertisements on request. In the end, we provide a report with photos of the advertising campaign carried out.

Most of the carriers are illuminated, which guarantees additional exposure to the advertisement at night.

Our media:

- citylight,
- backlight,
- banner,
- advertising chairs,
- poster,
- leaflets,
- ticket covers,
- advertising screens.

We also offer the rental of station space for promotional campaigns (advertising stands, campaigns with the participation of hostesses).

For more details, please contact:

Katarzyna Prygiel
Agnieszka Pawełoszek


In addition to outdoors media, we offer advertising space in the Company’s magazine “Your Journey", that reaches passengers using the services of our railway stations in Cracow and Nowy Sącz. The clear and modern layout allows you to highlight your advertising.

We offer combined advertising packages, including outdoor media with print advertising. 

Due to the pandemic, the publication of Your Journey magazine has been suspended until further notice.

For more details, please contact:

Katarzyna Prygiel


Advertise on our website.

We offer advertising space placed in the vicinity of the passenger information most frequently checked by passengers.

We offer advertising in the form of animated or static banners, sponsored articles and logos with redirection to the advertiser’s website.

We remain available at the address:

Agnieszka Pawełoszek


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